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The crime data reveals that the overall Lancaster, CA crime rates are 4% lower than in comparison to the California mean and are 3% higher than the nation's.

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Study Says Crime Rates Down in California

Lancaster california crime rate tv shows set in los angeles 2018 Looking at crime rates and statistics allows a person to get a good idea of how safe or dangerous an area may be. Having this information helps a lancaster california crime rate determine if they want to live in an area, or whether or not they want to raise kids there. Unfortunately, not every city in the world is as safe as every other city.

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Part 1 crime rate average was 319. However, for Lancaster, the Part 1 crime rate marked the highest rate of a seven-year upswing in Lancaster with 449. The City needed to reduce its crime rate and make Lancaster safer and more hospitable for law-abiding residents.

The 10 Worst Cities In California Explained

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