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Here, dors explain the symptoms and how they differ in adults. Amy Schumer's Husband Chris Fischer Had “Early Signs” of Autism.

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Amy Schumer reveals her husband is on the autism spectrum and it made her fall 'madly in love'

Amy schumer husband diagnosis boston symphony this weekend She talks about his responses, which sometimes vary from what we might call neurotypical, explaining amy schumer husband diagnosis she loves who he is an award-winning chef, no less. He sounds like Isaac. As he got older, the parts of who he was that set him apart from most people became diiagnosis and more apparent. Isaac crawled, walked, talked, read, and wrote early for his age.

Getty Images Imagine being married to someone who insists on doing the laundry on a specific night every week and flies into a rage if any of their routines are disrupted. Those are some of the many challenges facing people with partners who have autism. Comedian Amy Schumer recently sparked a national conversation about the topic when she revealed during her latest stand-up routine that her husband of 13 months had received a diagnosis of the neurodevelopmental disorder, which typically makes social interactions challenging.

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Amy Schumer on How Her Husband's Autism Diagnosis Has Affected Their Marriage

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