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If I remember correctly, if you have the app on your phone, it might show Yes if you have an app for OkCupid it will show you as "Online Now".

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OkCupid review: A fun, hip dating site that's way less lame than the competition

Okcupid mobile app online status handicap dating app Recently I wrote about how texting is detrimental to relationshipsboth personal and business. As I said in the Texting articleyou okcupid mobile app online status be fooled into thinking you are in a live interaction with another party by texting. The same is true for dating sites that display the online status. I've found more success on OkCupid than I have on any other site to date, and no, I promise that they haven't paid me to say that. Not only is it filled with attractive singles within a reasonable distance to me, I can find out more about those people than the simple one sentence bio you get on Tinder and other dating apps. OkCupid also has all of the benefits of a paid online dating site without the monthly subscription.

OkCupid Lies About Matches, Experiments on Users

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