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David Duchovny is a man of many talents. Despite the fact that Duchovny isn't a natural singer, he is nonetheless surprisingly humble and.

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David Duchovny, Auckland NZ, 2018

David duchovny singing live pick up lines to get a girls number Review by Sarah Kidd. Photography by Doug Peters. But on his first trip to New Zealand, Duchovny is not here due to his acting, but due to his musical capabilities.

david duchovny singing reviews

Mulder and Scully were heroes to me in my formative years. Our student flat would gather round the TV and gorge ourselves on the conspiracy theories laid bare weekly by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny's G-men characters. We'd spend hours after discussing what was really going on in the show - what the alien abductions were about, what the standalone episodes with their horror elements actually meant - but never really whether these two would get together. Now, with some 25 years passed since the series came out, Mr Duchovny is heading to New Zealand to take his musical talent to the potential masses. He's got three albums under his belt, with his latest Every Third Thought just released this past Friday.

David Duchovny live at Paste Studio NYC

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Via way of a pillow case of course, nothing more triple X rated. Though the occasionally lusty crowd would have settled for more, it would appear as the night went on. And it's more than likely most here were more aware of his TV work than his musical career. To be fair to Mr Duchovny and his band, it's a fact they were happy to acknowledge and even occasionally play on. Sort of.

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