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Millions of people are watching Steven Lim, star of the BuzzFeed show 'Worth It,' eat his way across the globe.

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'Was it worth it , Steven?'

Buzzfeed steven lim salary asian cup australia Having a tremendously good response with Worth It, a food show with a twist, Steven is definitely on a roll. We managed to steal some time with him when he dropped by Singapore. SL. Hi!

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He is a YouTube personality, a TV producer, a presenter, and an actor. He is popular for his comedic sketches and vlogs which he shares with his over 230,000 YouTube subscribers. The multitalented star is also known for his work with the internet media company BuzzFeed, Inc. He was born in Ohio, United States but his parents are originally from Malaysia.

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Bill Cosby Got Pudding for His First Meal in Jail ft. Steven Lim

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